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My First Day Blogging-Feb. 7, 2019

February 7, 2019: The night before, my contract for my remote job had ended, immediately. The client no longer needed any further data and my services were put on hold indefinitely. I closed my email and felt uncertainty and elation since I had put my blog on the back burner since last April and a little part of me was nervous. Tomorrow, I would be devoting all my work time directly to my new blog, Not Suzy…Just Laura.

I slept in until 6 am. I woke up feeling FREE. I took my dog outside, showered and sat down at my desk. I had a list of things to accomplish with my blog but then I glanced over at the kitchen and saw the piles of dishes in the sink. After cleaning the kitchen and reloading the dishwasher, cooking some breakfast and feeding my dog, I sat down again at my desk, this time feeling ready to blog.

7 Things- I Learned My First Day Blogging

  1. Keep track of hours worked: My blog is a business and I need to be accountable for my time. I decided to use the same notebook that I kept track of my time for my remote computer job and made a new date, time, hours worked and description of what I was accomplishing during that time period.
  2. Make a To-Do List: Make a list of things I need to complete on my blog, with the timeline, I need to have them accomplished to get to web launch day.
  3. Remove distractions: I became instantly distracted by the pile of dishes. I like to be creative in a clean and tidy environment. Tonight, I will make sure the kitchen is neat and clean so I won’t be distracted tomorrow. I also don’t check my email, Facebook, or have the television on during work times.
  4. Create time blocks: I as my own boss, I can be FLEXIBLE about organizing my 3-4 hour per day of blogging and website setup. *During this time of setting up my blog, I expect to dedicate 4 hours per day on my blog, after launching my blog I will plan to spend 2-3 hours per day, 4-5 days a week for the first year and growing to work about 10-15 hours per week adding content. Many beginning bloggers reported spending less time per week due to their work outside the home.
  5. Learn the blogging craft: Many bloggers turn to other successful bloggers or courses to help them set up and begin to blog. I am currently working through Start a Mom Blog’s, Blog by Number course and it has been invaluable to learning how to go from researching your blog niche to setting up the blog, getting hosting, a domain name and more.
  6. Surround yourself with positive people: My close friends are people who are inherently positive. They are my inner circle. My inner circle wants to see me succeed and get excited about my successes. Those are the people I want around me. I texted my two closest friends to let them know I made the jump to working as a blogger. I got a lot of encouragement and we are going to get together to celebrate my 6 month blogging anniversary. I also like to give encouragement to people trying to get out of the rat race, so if you don’t have a big inner circle of positive people who uplift you, find me on Facebook here. Send me a message about 3 goals you have and 3 actions you are taking to reach those goals.
  7. Wash, Rinse and Repeat: Successful blogging doesn’t happen overnight. It is the culmination of many blogging days of pushing that boulder up the blogging hill. Don’t compare your journey to another blogger’s journey. Keep believing and keep writing and working on your blog. An average of 81% of people who start a blog never, continue past the first few months. You are worthy!

Today, was an exciting moment for me to officially start devoting my time to this blog. I kept up the creative thinking while scraping ice off my driveway(it was a good day to stay home), walking on the treadmill, and taking my shower(where you literally wash, rinse and repeat.)