Welcome to Not Suzy…Just Laura blog is under construction!

This blog is dedicated to the Art of Homemaking. I will be covering topics on earning money from home, living on one income, paying off debt, baking, cooking, sewing, crafts, homeschooling, pregnancy, health and wellness topics, raising kids, and having great relationships.

Dedicated to My Love, My Children and My Sister!

This site is dedicated to people who want to stay at home, current homemakers(both male and female) and working people who chose not to have a full-time homemaker. Not Suzy is also dedicated to the Love of my Life, who makes it possible for me to be a homemaker, to my four amazing children who are all now two teens and two adults, and my Sister who will forever be my Bestest Buddy. They are all my reason for living!

I love to share “time-saving” hacks for Modern Day homemaking. Let’s face it, everyone works hard and few get to enjoy earning a full-time income on 10 hours a week. We all need Modern Day homemaking tips!

Being a Homemaker was my Dream job along with raising a brood of children. Over the last two decades, I’ve learned a few things and created this Blog to share with people. I have some amazing content planned for my readers! My dream now is for you to live life more easily!

Launch Date

Official launch date February 12, 2020.